About Us...

What is What The Pho Travel Podcast? 

We're all about inspiring you to book those flights, tick off that bucket list and to go on that adventure! We release two episodes a month, chatting to experts, interviewing the locals, learning the language - well the basics 😅 and we delve into diverse cultures from around the world. Who is it for? Anyone who bloody loves travelling! What makes us different? We pride ourselves on being honest about the countries we visit. We're not going to talk with rose-tinted glasses on. If we love it or hate it... we'll tell ya! Oh and we play a sh*t load of rude games.🍆

Your Hosts...

Hello!! I'm Amy...

Home? England

Fav country? India

Least fav country? Iceland

Can't wait to go? Argentina

Interests? Travel, Radio, Yoga


Hey! I'm Nick...

Home? England

Fav country? India

Least fav country? Australia

Can't wait to go? Mexico

Interests? Travel, Football, Tattoos