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Travel Podcast

On our travel podcast we explore, challenge and learn about different destinations around the world to give you travellers some fun facts and travel hacks so you can travel around trouble free and full of knowledge! It’s a radio-style travel podcast with features such as Gameshow Facts, Language Lessons with Amy and Pho-bservations. We explore one country or culture every month plus a travel topic like how to not get scammed. All that, plus we tackle important world issues such as the conflict in Syria or the economic crisis in Venezuela by talking to local people to educate ourselves on travel topics with the help of experts.

LISTEN to how to travel jordan

Join us this month as we take you into the Middle East to explore Jordan. This small country offers loads for travellers including the Dead Sea, Petra and the Wadi Rum desert. We explain all with the help of the friendly locals that we met along the way. Our game this month is "Amman, I feel like a woman"… Let's go girls! In case you're wondering we also discuss the capital Amman, Wadi Musa, Wasda, life for women and Mansaf.

listen to what you can do in japan

JAPAN! A place most travellers dream of going to! You've got Tokyo, Osaka, Mount Fuji, Sushi, Sega, Super Mario and so much more! We discuss all of these in this episode featuring YouTuber Karl Watson. He recently visited Japan with his friend James where they travelled around by bullet trains, got up to no good in izakaya bars by talking to older men and visited the Hiroshima memorial site. In our game this month we try to actually turn Japanese! How do you do that I hear you ask? Well, you'll just have to listen won't you!


listen to a documentary; cyprus a divided island

In this podcast documentary we spend time on both sides of Cyprus, that’s the Greek side and the Turkish side. We find out why the island is divided and what it means to be Cypriot. We speak to a visiting Professor involved in past United Nations peace talks. A photographer whose mother is a refugee from the ghost-town Famagusta, Republic of Cyprus Hockey team player, a Journalist & peace activist who crosses the green line every day for her children's education, the Deputy President of Cyprus Turkish Football Association & Executive Member of CONIFA and an International football player for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

listen to the real brazil

Welcome to our second Brazil episode and this one is packed full with info about the lesser travelled places, away from the popular tourists spots. We saw just one other traveller in 2.5 months!! If you like travelling the local way... you'll love this one. Amy also starts a new career as a football commentator, plus we're all treated to a very special performance!!!!!







what the pho travel podcast were voted top travel podcast by hostelworld

Wow! We made it on the list of 10 best travel podcasts worldwide and we’re in great company! This is fantastic recognition for our hard work! :-D


What The Pho teams up with South America’s leading Tour Operator to bring you the Galapagos Islands

We have teamed up with Metropolitan Touring (winners of the World Travel Award’s South America Tour Operator category 2018 & 2019) to show our listeners and viewers the amazing and iconic Galapagos Islands. This isolated destination can seem like a distant dream to some people but by listening to our podcast and watching our YouTube videos you can learn all about this unique place and find out how to see it for yourself


what the pho were interviewed by bbc essex

It was really nice to be interviewed by our local BBC radio station. This was part of Jodie Halford’s show where she talks to bloggers, YouYubers, podcasters etc. from Essex, England. Thanks for the invite Jodie! It was really nice to be part of a radio station that we’ve grown up with.



Here we are in Cucuta at the Colombian/Venezuelan border in July 2019 with local resident Daniel.

We travelled Colombia to learn about the Venezuelan crisis and the affect that it’s had on Colombia. This country has taken in the most Venezuelan migrants (over 1 million) who are escaping the worst economic and social collapse that the America’s have ever seen. Listen to our documentary podcast below to hear from Colombians in Medellin, Venezuelans making a new life in Colombia, residents living on the border and we also speak direct to Caracas. What is day to day life like in the Venezuelan capital?

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