Countries featured in Series One include: Peru, Hungary, India, Nepal, Thailand, China, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Vietnam, Ghana and Denmark


🇩🇰 S1 E12 - Why Are People So Happy in Copenhagen?

🇬🇭 S1 E11 - How to Volunteer in Ghana with Elena Guthrie

🇻🇳 S1 E10 - How To Travel Vietnam in a Wheelchair with  'Hotwheels Goes' 

🇨🇿 🇸🇰 S1 E9 - Top Things to do in Prague and Bratislava

🇳🇿 S1 E8 - Top Things to Do in New Zealand with YouTuber Karl Watson

🌏 S1 E7 - How to Travel with a Partner

🇨🇳 S1 E6 - How to Live and Work in China with Teacher Phil Lake

🇹🇭 S1 E5 - How to Teach English in Thailand with Teacher Becky Thomson

🇳🇵 🇮🇳 S1 E4 - How to Backpack Nepal and the Golden Triangle in North India

🇭🇺 S1 E3 - What to Do in Budapest and Sziget Festival

🇵🇪 S1 E2 - Places to Visit in Peru with Comedian James Beatty

🌍 S1 E1 - What is What The Pho Travel Podcast?