Countries/destinations in Series Two include: Crimea, Spain, India, Colombia, Italy, USA, Germany, Morocco, Romania, Iceland, Syria, Australia, Ibiza & The UK

🇬🇧 S2 E12 - The Great Things About Britian

🇪🇸 S2 E11 - What Can I Do in Ibiza?

🇦🇺 S2 E10 - What's So Good About Australia? With Richard Kearns

🇸🇾 S2 E9 - What Is Syria Actually Like? With Ahmad Al-Rashid

🇮🇸 S2 E8 - What Can I Do in Iceland? With Beckii Lovelock

🇷🇴 S2 E7 - Places to Visit in Romania

🇲🇦 S2 E6 - Best Things To Do in Marrakech & Beyond Sahara Festival

🇩🇪 S2 E5 - Why You Should Visit Germany

🇺🇸 S2 E4 - What it's like to Road Trip the USA with 'TrekAmerica' and YouTuber Charlie Keep

🇮🇹 S2 E3 - Can You Travel Rome in a Day?

🇨🇴 S2 E2 - Best Places to Backpack in Colombia with YouTuber Karl Watson & James Walsh

🇮🇳 S2 E1 - Why You Should Visit South India

🏴 🇪🇸 What's Coming on Series Two? And Travelling Crimea Illegally vs Barcelona with 'Producer Ion'